PAT RALPH paintings
House AfireMill Pond: Autumn AfternoonRunning OutMist RisingMillennium DawnPondscape IPondscape IIPondscape IIIEquinox IIIEquinox IIHeading WestReeds and SkyCreekAirslie's PondWinter Sky
While I have done a number of paintings and monoprints of the West Coast--Los Angeles in particular-- most of my landscapes are of the marshes and shorelines of Long Island. Wherever I find myself, I am drawn to the light of early morning and late afternoon or evening, those hours of the day, whether driving to or from work or simply gazing out the window, given over to solitude and introspection. Hours, also, in which natural effects are most fleeting, which makes the attempt to capture the moment fraught with paradox. The thought that other painters before me must have felt similarly challenged is oddly comforting. It is my bridge to the past and to the future.